“My name is Francisco Galvez . In 2015, I started CharroAzteca.com to become the biggest Online Retailer of Authentic Mexican Products. Ofcourse, It didnt start that way…..”

Immigrant Story

My grandfather was from Colotlan, Jalisco where he made a living hand embroidering Belts, Horse Saddles & other typical Charro artisan work with a Fiber called “Pita”. He then migrated his family to Villanueva, Zacatecas where my father was born. My grand father continued his artisan work and my father grew up practicing Charreria his entire childhood until his adolescence where he earned the title of “Charro Completo”. In the mid 1980’s my mother was expecting a child (me) and my father decided to immigrate his newly growing family up north where there was this opportunity called the “American Dream”. And that is where CharroAzteca.com’s story begins…….


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California in one of the many cultural melting pots of this country,  I learned to value the beauty and history of our culture. I was practically born riding a horse when I was young. As my family grew and my father had to work longer hours (6-7 days a week) practicing Charreria was not a priority, surviving was. My entire life I was raised with this deep burning pride for my culture and idolizing my grandfather’s artisan work and my father’s Charro tradition. Now I have my son and it’s my responsibility to pass along this Love for our culture. The problem was finding locally authentic mexican products. This made it difficult to keep practicing the tradition my grandpa and father loved so much. I began CharroAzteca.com to solve this problem for others and make it affordable and accessible for everyone in this country.

The Problem

Artesania Mexicana Hecho en China??? Yes you heard that right. Made in China has invaded Mexico too and the ones being affected the most are Mexicans like my Grandfather who made quality products with their hands. China is destroying Mexican Culture products and Charro Azteca has a Vision.

From counterfeit China made to Authentic Mexican Made again.

We Believe in

  • We believe in keeping our Culture alive
  • We believe in passing our traditions to the next generation
  • We believe #NoEraPenal
  • We believe in keeping Mexican artisan work alive
  • We believe in doing the work and have no excuses
  • We believe in treating everyone how you would like your grand parents to be treated (with respect)
  • We believe Spanglish is a Language
  • We believe we are NOT a minority
  • We believe in the Mexican-American Dream
  • We believe no matter what your lifestyle choice is “It’s in our Blood”

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