All-Woman Mariachi Bands

We all know how us Mexicans (and all Latinos) love a good party! For us, that consists of live music, tons of food, and a variety of drinks.

I know one of my favorite types of live music is Mariachi (Tamborazo and banda too, of course), and having a mariachi band at parties is the perfect way to get everyone in the mood to dance and sing along to their favorite rancheras, especially after a couple of drinks when all the tio’s start singing to Vicente Fernandez songs lol.

With the holidays being well on their way, the festivities seem never-ending and there is still a long way to go before we ease up on the tamales, pozole, buñuelos, and champurrado. That means there are still so many parties to be had, and many mariachi bands to hire. But have you noticed how most mariachi bands are almost always ALL men? However, after coming across an article by @fiercebymitu by Samantha Chavarria, I wanted to share with you all some badas* mariachi bands made up by only women!

@mariachimargaritas – Brownsville, Texas

These señoritas have played alongside Pablo Montero, Pedro Fernandez, and Flor Amargo.

@flordetoloache – New York

Flor de Toloache embody all the diversity of Latinas. They won a Latin Grammy in 2017 and even performed at Tropicalia in Long Beach (along with Kali Uchis, Cardi B,  Los Angeles Azules, and La Sonora Dinamita).

@mariachilascatrinas – Los Angeles, California

Dedicated to bringing fun to your event, these ladies travel all over California.

@mariachilasadelitas – London

Las Adelitas bring Mariachi past the borders of just Mexico and make it international. They are located in London, and have performed for the Mexican and U.S. Embassies in the UK as well as Disney.

@rosasdivinas – Dallas, Texas

In 2004, they became Dallas’s first all-woman mariachi band.

@mariachipasion – Arizona

Founded in a music class at ASU in 2002, they have now performed for people like former Mexican President Vicente Fox, George Lopez, and Edward James Olmos.

@veronicaroblesmariachi – Boston, MA

Started the first all-woman mariachi band in Boston and is now a solid representation of Mexican music in the New England area.

@mariachilasaltenas – San Antonio, Texas

Along with their song, their performances also consist elaborate choreographies.