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10 Books for Latino Children

10 Books for Latino Children

Can you believe that bilingualism was once considered a hindrance? Now, however, it has been shown that bilingual students, who are educated in their second language, outperform their monolingual peers, who are educated in their native language.

Being bilingual also opens tons of doors for employment opportunities and benefits. In this day and age, more than half of the world speaks more than one language, and it should be something that people are proud of.

There’s still a stigma associated with speaking any language other than English by some people in the United States, when in reality there’s beauty and benefits that come with knowing both English and Spanish.

I have created a list of 10 books that are perfect for parents who want to teach their kids to speak both English and Spanish. Some of these books are books that I remember reading in Elementary school and feeling so proud that there were books that represented my culture and first language.

  1. Too Many Tamales / ¡Qué Montón de Tamales! By Gary Soto and Ed Martinez

  2. Lil’ Libros entire collection! By Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein

  3. A Spoon for Every Bite by Joe Hayes 

  4. Don’t Say a Word, Mama / No Digas Nada, Mama by Gary Soto

  5. Arroz con Leche by Lulu Delacre

  6. Goodnight Moon / Buenas Noches Luna by Margaret Wise Brown

  7. Abuela by Arthur Dorros

  8. What Can You Do With a Rebozo? By Carmen Tafolla

  9. Only One You / Nadie Como Tú by Linda Kranz

  10. Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match / Marisol McDonald No Combina by Monica Brown 

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