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5 Things Our Mom Taught Us

In honor of Mother’s Day we decided to make this blog post dedicated to our mom. Although we rarely mention our mom in the Charro Azteca story, she is the backbone of it all. Behind every great man is a great woman, and my mom is the epitome of just that. Without her, there wouldn’t be a Charro Azteca.
Since last year for Father’s Day we wrote a “5 Things Our Dad Taught Us” blog, here is the Mother’s Day version for our ama.

  1. How to be selfless

Our mom is the definition of selflessness and sacrifice. She dedicated her entire life to her kids and we appreciate her so much for it. Although there were other options, like going to work or pursuing an education here in the U.S., she sacrificed all of that to be here for us growing up. She really does things out of the kindness of her heart and never expects any recognition, even though I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes we can be ungrateful brats. But at the end of the day, she knows we appreciate all her sacrifices and love the best we can.

  1. The meaning of unconditional love

Although she was the one to always discipline us growing up (you know, the chancla and the cinto.. lol) she was always the first one to accept us for who we are and for all of our mistakes. She was the one we could go to for advice and admit our mistakes to her, and she always shows her support… even if some of those decisions were BAD.

  1. Confidence and positive self-image

I know every mom out there thinks their kid is the cutest, handsomest, most beautiful child in the world… but our mom really made us think that LOL she made sure we were confident growing up and not only that, but she made sure that we believed we could be whatever we wanted to be in this world. It was so important for us to feel limitless, and it’s important for children to feel like they aren’t incapacitated. So we are really grateful for that.

  1. Ambition

Like many Mexican moms, my mom was a housewife. She devoted her life to us and my dad and really didn’t have much to look forward to for herself, except being a mom and a wife. That’s not to take anything away from her accomplishments in life, but she wanted more for her daughter (me) and now her granddaughters. She always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be (without the help of a boy?) and instilled in me ambition to make her sacrifices worthwhile.


They always say “your parents are always right” but maaaan… LISTEN TO THEM! lol Especially your mom. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I knew every thing but my mom’s instinct always ended up being right. Could’ve saved myself heartbreaks and toxic friendships! Mom’s really do want what’s best for you and don’t just tell you things in vain, they know why they say the things they do.
What are some important lessons your mom taught you?

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