Artesania Mexicana Hecho en China??? -

Artesania Mexicana Hecho en China???

Made in China has invaded Mexico too

The month of September is when Mexico celebrates its Independence Day. Mexicans can turn anywhere and be reminded of their Nationalism: el pozole, los tamales, el rebozo, los zarapes, la música folklórica and all the Mexican Flags. But, the sad truth is that many of those flags are not made in Mexico. They are made in China.
Just like here in the states, China has invaded Mexico and the most affected people are the ones who make handmade products. China has counterfeited everything from guitars, woodworks, leather footwear, rebozos, zarapes, ceramic art, embroidered apparel, jewelry and many more….even images of la Virgen de Guadalupe!
The Chinese pirates have managed to duplicate the image of these products but never the quality. My grandfather used to be a Talabartero in Colotlan, Jalisco. He made belts, saddles and charro products from Pita. It used to take 1 week just to make one belt at times. Sometimes a month just to make one horse Saddle. But the Chinese now use cheap thread and machines to counterfeit these products.
What is the Mexican government doing about this? Absolutely nothing. Everything revolves around consumer behavior and we have the final say by spending our money where it matters most. Charro Azteca is up for the challenge to keep our Mexican Artesanos working. We have a Vision:
"From Counterfeit Made in China to Authentic Made in Mexico again"

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