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Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez Mexican-American labor leader and civil rights activist dedicated his life’s work for la causa. Born in Yuma, Arizona March 31, 1927 and passing on April 23, 1993. His dedication to help improve the working and living conditions of farm workers is what makes him someone to remember. He learned about injustice early in his life. 


Chavez knew firsthand the struggles of farm workers, who worked hard to put food on the nation’s table often going hungry themselves. Getting paid 40 cents an hour with no unemployment insurance or any benefits. Chavez decided it was time for a change. 


He was inspired by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr’s peaceful tactics and fought for what he believed was right. He made a difference and impacted many farm workers' lives. He created a union that served farm workers and helped laborers register to vote. By 1970 Chavez got grape growers to accept union contracts. His tireless leadership and nonviolent tactics included the Delano grape strike, his fasts and the 340 mile march from Delano to Sacramento in 1966. 


Chavez made a difference and the changes he was able to achieve make today just a little more better. Yes, there is more change to be made, but it takes someone like Chavez to make a difference for all of us. As he would say SI SE PUEDE! 


Thank you Cesar E. Chavez may you Rest In Peace and always be remembered. 

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