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Charro Azteca Grants

Congratulations! You decided to attend college and further your education, but now what?
I know how expensive it is to go to college, not even just tuition; but books, supplies, and living expenses all take a toll on your bank account. That’s why here at Charro Azteca we decided to give back and provide a little help with your expenses.
I graduated college just about a year ago and I remember all the expenses they don’t include in tuition and board. My shopping trip to Target to get all the dorm room necessities was definitely not paid off by FAFSA!
At Charro Azteca we value education and anyone, especially fellow Latinos, who are ambitious and striving for one. We decided to give back in a small way by giving away 4 small grants of $250 each, just to help you guys with some expenses.
Here are the requirements:

  • Must be attending a college or University in the fall of 2019

  • Answer these 2 questions:

    • How has your family background affected the way you see the world?

    • How will your education contribute to who you will be and what you will do in the future?

  • Minimum of 300 words

  • Email .doc or .pdf to DAISY@CHARROAZTECA.COM (preferably from a .edu email address)

  • Include proof of enrollment (screenshot of SIR, commitment, or of any document that shows your enrollment status)

  • Include your name, age, and Instagram username (if you have an IG)

Deadline to submit is April 15th. Winners will be emailed and announced on May 1st!
P.S. Here are some websites where I found a lot of my textbooks for really good prices!
We are so proud of you for this accomplishment, it’s such a good feeling seeing our people bettering themselves. ??


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