Dia de los Abuelitos

Abuelitos are some of the most important and respected members of a Mexican family, so if you still have them around, today is the day to celebrate them!
August 28 is known in Mexico as “Dia de los Abuelos,” a day that is dedicated to honoring grandparents. Our abuelitos are important to us, not only for always spoiling us and making sure that we’re always well-fed (LOL) but because they pass down their values and traditions down to us. In fact, Charro Azteca was founded because of the traditions and pride in our culture that our grandparents instilled in us.
Our abuelitos never ask for anything yet are the most giving and generous people. I remember when my grandparents used to visit from Mexico, they were the first ones up and the last ones to go to sleep, usually up doing chores and anything they could to help everyone even though we begged them to relax. Our abuelitas are always making sure that we’re not malnourished lol. We can’t forget that scene in Coco when Miguel’s abuelita forces him to eat more tamales; that was more accurate than people think!
We often get caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to dedicate our time to those who matter the most. Our grandparents aren’t going to be here forever, and that’s why we should honor them everyday. Sometimes what our abuelitos want more than gifts or material things is for us to sit, talk, and spend time with them. My grandparents used to get so excited when we asked questions about “el rancho,” and they loved to tell us stories about their glory days and pass down their traditions. It’s the little things that make them happy.
So use today as a reminder to give your abuelitos or abuelitas a call just to remind them that you love them, take advantage and make their day!

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