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Dia del Niño

Día del Niño is the one day a year that is dedicated to all children. The one day were everything is about them. We celebrate their important role in society. This day is focused on the importance of loving, accepting, and appreciating their little laughs and silliness. 

Día del Niño has been celebrated annually in Mexico since 1925. It is a very important date just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it is a day where children are meant to feel special. 

This day has been celebrated on April 30th since 1925 in Mexico when President Alvaro Obregon and Public Education Minister Jose Vasconcelos signed the first Children’s Rights Declaration in Mexico on April 30th, 1924. 

In Mexico, Día del Niño, is celebrated with gifts, parades, magicians, music, dancing, fiestas and much more. Celebrating all the children in Mexico is of the upmost importance, so many organizations create movements to collect donations of toys to give to orphaned children, so that every child may feel included in this celebration. 

I personally believe that having a day where it is all about the children, a day that we dedicate just to them is one of the most fun and loving days of the year for both the children and parents. This day is a day where children should feel special and love being a kid because we are only kids for a short time. And yes, being a kid should be fun and exciting everyday not just one day but having that one day just for them makes them feel important just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day does for us. We celebrate the kids for being kids and bringing so much joy into our lives with their laughs, their jokes that make no sense, and their happy attitude. Día del Niño is for them so let out that inner child out and celebrate with them. Feilz Día del Niño! 

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