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Mal de Ojo

Mal de Ojo

Growing up I had really long and curly hair, and I remember random ladies coming up to my mom and I to touch my hair while saying “ay dejeme le toco el pelo para no hacerle mal de ojo!”
Odd, right?
I’ve heard about “mal de ojo” my whole life, so as a little girl, I thought it was something normal without really knowing the story or reasoning behind it. But even now, at 22 years old, I still wear my red bracelet and carry superstitions with me without knowing the origins.
So what really is this “mal de ojo” belief? In general, it just means that if someone stares or looks at you with admiration or jealousy, they might inflict bad luck and negative energy on you if they don’t touch you to prevent it from happening. This is why a lot of babies and infants wear tiny red bracelets; parents don’t want their cute babies to be admired from afar and possibly inflicted with strangers’ negative energy.
So how do you cure “evil eye” if you happen to catch it? Per traditional Mexican curandero customs, passing a raw egg all over the body of the affected, then breaking it into a glass of water and placing it under their bed overnight absorbs all the negative energy. This method of a “limpieza” varies, but more often than not, a raw egg is used. I mean, everyone has seen their grandma do this at least once, right? LOL
Now who knows if these theories are true, but there so many versions all over the world that it’s hard to believe they started without any evidence… but either way, I’m still going to wear my bracelet because I’d rather be safe than sorry!

But don’t worry, CharroAzteca’s got you ;)

What superstitions did you grow up with?


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