Meet the Team -

Meet the Team

Charro Azteca has been around for almost 4 years now, and what started as one man’s side hustle is now a family operated business. Francisco went from starting his mission to making authentic Mexican products available to everyone in the U.S. on his own, and eventually expanded his company and hired me (Daisy), to be in charge of Marketing after I received my Bachelor’s in Marketing. His wife, Vanessa, takes care of customer service, accounting, and pretty much all the hands-on operations to run the company, and our brother Jaime takes care of all the shipping and operations. For now the company is completely family operated which makes it that much more important for us to continue the traditions that our parents brought from Mexico and passed down to us. We asked you guys on Instagram to ask us questions to get to know us and here are our answers!
  1. Favorite thing about Charro Azteca?

Paco: I like when our customers or followers reach out to us and thank us for being in business. So feel free to reach out to us personally! Vanessa: The artisanal products are my favorite! And I love when customers send us photos. Daisy: I like how we created a platform where people my age and younger can show our pride in being Mexican-American and love for both of our cultures. Jaime: I enjoy working for my brother and with family.
  1. What motivated you to start the brand?

Paco: When my son was born I felt the responsibility to teach him what my dad taught me, and I know other first-generation Mexican-Americans probably felt the same.
  1. Why is it important for you to have a family operated business?

Paco: I am the oldest of three siblings so I always felt a huge responsibility to take care of my family.
  1. If you could meet and talk to one person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Paco: Antonio Aguilar. I would have loved to have a conversation with him. Vanessa: God! Daisy: Selena or Drake, I can’t pick just one of them. Jaime: I would of loved to meet Selena.
  1. What are three words you use to describe yourself?

Paco: Obsessed, Relentless, Visionary Vanessa: Worker, Dancer, Singer (in the shower) Daisy: Compassionate, tenacious, strong Jaime: Loyal, funny, respectful
  1. Favorite Movie

Paco: The Sandlot Vanessa: A Walk in the Clouds Daisy: The Sandlot Jaime: Fight Club
  1. What’s one thing/item you can’t live without?

Paco: Tacos Vanessa: COFFEE Daisy: Music Jaime: my phone lol
  1. Favorite thing about the Mexican culture?

Paco: How diverse we are. We come in ALL shades of brown. Vanessa: Tacos! Daisy: Our sense of pride in our culture and traditions. Jaime: I just love everything about being Mexican honestly
  1. What’s on your Netflix cue?

Paco: Club de Cuervos, Stranger Things, Any documentary Vanessa: Anything my husband or kids watch: Narcos, Documentaries, Coco Daisy: Friends, Narcos, John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons Jaime: That 70's Show, Californiacation, Breaking Bad
  1. How do you currently bring value to Charro Azteca and how will you in the future?

Paco: I’m always learning. I have a vision and I am stubborn in my goal but flexible in my methods. Vanessa: I do the jobs that most companies would nhire 5+ people to do, hence the COFFEE. In the future I hope to hire those 5+ people, while I go on vacation lol Daisy: I think since I'm so much younger than my brothers and Vanessa I bring different opinions to the table. As Paco always says, I’m an “entitled” Millennial lol so I bring an entirely new perspective. Jaime: I'm responsible and am in charge of customers actually getting their orders so that brings a lot of value I think lol
  1. Who is the person you look up to the most?

Paco: Myself, 10 years from now. Vanessa: My mom, she’s superwoman! Daisy: Probably everyone in my family. Being the youngest and only girl, I learned something different but equally important from every family member (My dad, mom, and two older brothers). Jaime: I look up to my dad the most.
  1. How do you balance family life and work life and still get along?

Paco: Each individual in my team has different strengths and weaknesses. The reason we get along at work is because we complement each other. And well family is family, we love and support each other no matter what.

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