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After The Problem He Ran Into With His Son’s Baptism, This Latino Dad Decided To Create His Own Charro Apparel Store
05/23/17 → 11k shares
Jessica Garcia
With a love for authentic Mexican apparel, but limited access to it because he doesn’t live in Mexico, entrepreneur Francisco Galvez decided to take matters into his own hands by opening his own charro clothing store.
Founded by Francisco Galvez in January 2015, Charro Azteca is stealing the hearts of many Latinos for its beautiful and authentic charro apparel.
When his son was born in December 2014, Galvez knew that other families would also love and appreciate an authentic Mexican clothing line. So he went for it.
My dream had always been to dress my son in a White Charrito traje for his baptism. Now the question was where to get this suit? Even if you do [have access to these retailers], you still have to visit 3-4 locations because of limited quantities and the possibility of them not having your size. I had a problem and figured other people were going through the same thing, so I wanted to fix that.”
A few weeks after launching his business he received a transaction from Alaska of all places that helped Galvez realize what he was doing had a purpose.
“Our people have migrated to every corner of the U.S., sometimes to places you would’ve never thought of and they don’t have access to products like the ones I sell. I feel obligated to provide authentic Mexican products no matter where they live in the U.S. It was an Alaska transaction that I received in the first weeks of business that cemented everything I was doing had a purpose.”
People from all over the U.S. and of all ages are ordering baptism, wedding and even prom outfits from Charro Azteca.
It’s been two years since Galvez founded Charro Azteca “and the support has been overwhelming,” Galvez noted on Instagram and he couldn’t be happier.
With every delivery made, Galvez told mitú, “The ultimate purpose of Charro Azteca is to deliver the Mexican culture to every door step in the country. We want to become the Amazon of all authentic, Mexican culture products. Our tagline is ‘It’s in our blood’ or ‘Lo tenemos en la sangre.'”
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