Pedro Infante

Today would have been the legendary Pedro Infante’s 101st birthday.  He was one of the great icons of Mexico’s Golden Age of cinema and is still one of Mexico’s most beloved singers.

Pedro Infante was born in Mazatlan to a big family from humble beginnings and they later moved to Rosario, Sinaloa. He was a carpenter but showed interest and talent for music as a teen and was later convinced by his wife, Maria Luisa Leon, to move to Mexico City to pursue a career in entertainment.
He found success in music as well as acting; making 60 movies and more than 360 songs in only a 14 year period.
Despite his immense success, Infante was well known for being modest and humble, often helping anyone having difficulty with money or even those who needed help working.
Infante left us too soon when he passed away in 1957 at age 39 during a plane crash. He was a fan of airplanes and was a pilot himself. His last film, Tizoc, along Maria Felix, was one of his last performances and was greatly praised and won many awards.
Despite his short-lived life, Infante's legacy is still a core trait in the Mexican narrative. He went down in Mexican history as one of the greats of his time, and his music and movies continue to be classics in Mexico and wherever Mexican people are.
His legacy lives on now through his family; Lupita Infante (@luinfante), his granddaughter, and Pedro Infante IV (@dinastiainfante) his great grandson, continue to keep his memory alive through music and by sharing their pride in their lineage.

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