Start Them Young: Meet the Youngest Charrito In the Game -

Start Them Young: Meet the Youngest Charrito In the Game

Introducing the future of Mariachi, Jasiel Ortiz.

Being of Mexican descent living in el otro lado comes with its own unique set of problems, including finding the right balance of paving your own way and respecting the traditions you come from. Mariachi music and the rancho lifestyle as a whole is typically more appreciated by older generations of Mexicanos. It is something unique to your family that you grow to respect, love and cherish with time. However, for three year old Jasiel Ortiz, this deep rooted love for culture came naturally, reminding us that there is no age limit to finding pride in what calls you.

Jasiel Ortiz hails from Tucson, Arizona and was only 20 months old when he began to express interest in Mariachi. Like many of us, little Jasiel was hooked when he heard his first ‘Chente track. Through no prompting by his parents, Jasiel began to request to regularly listen to Vicente Fernandez, Rocio Durcal, Pepe Aguilar among other legends of the Mariachi genre. His interest grew into identifying individual instruments and their corresponding sounds, singing his favorite songs and pretty soon, to what he wore too.

Jasiel’s first Charro suits were purchased for him by his grandparents, both of whom were thrilled with his newfound passion for Mariachi. It didn’t take too much time for the Ortiz family to realize that this was more than just a cute phase in young Jasiel’s life. This was a genuine passion, one that he insists on turning into a career. His family immediately became Jasiel’s biggest fans, purchasing his first CharroAzteca suit to start Jasiel’s career on a high note.

“When Jasiel puts on his charro suits he transitions into a total different character; a performer I would say,” shares Angelina Ortiz, Jasiel’s mother.  “Charro Azteca’s suits are by far his favorite, he really enjoys wearing his suits but the different colors catch his interest and bring a whole other level of excitement when he wears these suits. He has had a few performances and he is ecstatic to put them on. It’s almost like a second skin that helps him transition into a performer; it gives him confidence to do what he loves”.

With great sincerity, Charro Azteca is able to say that stories like Jasiel’s inspire us as much as our suits inspire Jasiel to be the best violin player, singer and Mariachi performer he can be. To give others confidence to follow their passions and honor the traditions that came before us is a reward that words just aren’t enough to express. Here’s to little Jasiel’s promising future. Charro Azteca will be with you every step of the way!

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