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The Charro Azteca Podcast

“El pueblo unido jamás será vencido”

One way or another, we’ve heard this saying. And it couldn’t be more true! I once asked Francisco who’s one person he would want to have a conversation with and his answer was one I did not expect. He said Donald Trump out of all people! Lol. The one thing he would tell him is, “Thank you for waking a sleeping giant..”
What does he mean by that, you ask? Once Trump said those comments about Mexicans, it seems that the pueblo became more aware than ever. We are not what he said we were, and his comments only pushed us to show our abilities, potential, and try even harder to be successful.. thank you for waking a sleeping giant.
On my graduation cap last year I wrote, “Nos quieren enterrar, olvidan que somos semillas.”
We only thrive and “bloom” when we face hardships, that’s our ‘immigrant work ethic’ that our parents, grandparents, ancestors, etc., have passed down to us. We don’t give up, we just work hard until we achieve our goals.
There’s one saying that is popular among Mexicans, “un Mexicano es el peor enemigo de un Mexicano” and that can be true sometimes, but it’s a stigma that we must work to stop. As Latinos, many times our greed, our jealousy, and our ego have made us our own worst enemy.
Here at Charro Azteca we want to work to help each other, inspire our people, and be the crab that pulls other crabs out of the bucket, not pulls them back in. (You’ll understand this reference if you listen to our podcast ?)
If you haven’t listened to our podcast yet, what are you waiting for!?
Growing up, Francisco (who is my older brother) has taught me so much about life, business, and about our culture. Now with this podcast, he is not just available to family and friends, but to the world! I swear, at the end of every podcast I feel more inspired to work, be productive, and to also to help someone else out. Imagine what we could do if we all united and wanted to help each other be successful?
As Paco says at the beginning of each podcast, “Our families did not come this far, for us to only come this far!”
Listen for yourself and start becoming the change you want to see in the world.

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