Agarra El Rollo Y Ponte Las Pilas -

Agarra El Rollo Y Ponte Las Pilas

Francisco Galvez lives by this model. Francisco’s parents came to the United States to provide a better life for their own children. Francisco grew up in the city of Bell which is a pro dominantly Hispanic community. He went to Bell High School and went on to graduate and enroll in college. He soon realized College was not for him therefore he decided to drop out and be in the banking business for 10 years. While working with different business people in the bank industry Francisco came across a man that would change his life and soon to become his mentor (Frank Iniguez). While working in the bank, Francisco was working on his new business (Charro Azteca) he’s business came about when Francisco baptized his son in a charrito suit. He posted a picture of his son on social media and people were commenting on his post how they loved the charrito suit and were asking where did he get it. That positive feed back sparked an idea and Francisco decided that he was going to start his own business of supplying people with charro suits. Once he started his own business he stayed in the bank industry for two years while still building his business. After the two years his business blew up and soon he became his own boss. Now he has been hosted in networks such as Univision, Telemundo, We Are Mitu, Tecate and host his own podcast with his friend Conrado Bautistaaaaaaaaa.

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