Failing 2nd Grade 3 Times to Princeton -

Failing 2nd Grade 3 Times to Princeton

From not being able to read and being diagnosed with problems, David Favela overcame adversity and proved his doubters wrong. David Favela grew up in San Diego. After being held THREE times in 2nd grade he was sent to a special school where kids had disabilities. Even though David Favela hated going to a special school it is where curiosity sparked a fire on David Favela's mind. He fell in love with reading books and taught himself how to read, which led him to be more advance in his academics. He went on to college and later got accepted to Princeton University where he studied business and economics. He worked for Hewlett - Packard (HP) for 22 years. While working in HP David Favela had the idea of opening up a brewery business with his family called Border X. Border X represents a borderless community where you belong and it was created for you in mind.

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