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What I Experienced When I Died

You’re full of shit! Felix Morales 10 years ago went through a life changing experience which changed his life.

Having to deal with an unusual pain for 7 years is not an easy path, especially when the pain is not diagnosed right away. Through out the 7 years Felix Morales knew this pain was not normal but yet delayed his visit to an actual specialist. It was with great pain Felix Morales found out that he had Diverticulitis after a visit from a doctors office. Diverticulitis is an inflammation or infection in one or more small pouches in the digestive tract. Admitted to the hospital, Felix was hoping his situation would get better. This pain was severe and unbearable. While waiting for his CAT scan in the hospital, Felix experienced his stomach expanding and eventually hearing a pop in his stomach. In pain Felix was screaming for help. Immediately he was taken to the surgery room. Felix was constipated and could not use the restroom prior to his visit at the hospital.  He was filled with shit in his stomach and his intestines. The doctors had to open him up and clean him. During the surgery Felix flat lined and experienced a near to death experience. Only a devine miracle saved the life of Felix Morales. Now through the years of his recovery he is giving back to others going through the same situation, encouraging people to not hold back in seeing a doctor.

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