Eff your resolution | Ep. #37

Effff your resolution! Is that time of the year when we set a New Years resolution. We say to ourselves, “this year I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to change my income, I want a better job, I want to travel more.” New Year’s resolutions bring expectations and for the most part people start off well, we start to make changes and along the line we forget we started a goal and an expectation for ourselves. It’s easy to say we will make a resolution but setting a realistic goal is more important. Easy and simple goals can be a start to a great way to stay consistent with our goals. For example losing 1Ib per week can be a realistic goal. Reading a chapter a day can be a realistic goal, applying to new jobs a day can be a realistic goal or saving 10 percent of your paycheck to pay off debt can be a realistic goal. Setting up realistic goals can motivate us to face bigger goals and accomplish our vision for the year. It doesn’t matter how we start our year but is how we end our year. And with that said, efff your resolution!

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