Vestido de Escaramuza para Bautizo – CLEARANCE

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Color: Blanco con Plata

Did you know that Charreria is the official National sport of Mexico? One of the events in this sport consists of 16 Escaramuzas, female riders who perform alongside each other and their horses. Escaramuzas wear traditional costumes, usually handmade and handsewn, modeled after Mexico’s female soldiers during the revolution; Adelitas. “Because escaramuza costumes are based on historical uniforms worn during the revolution, there are strict guidelines for all costumes. Adelita dresses must be cotton or cotton-based, and always in traditional colors. Embroidered details must be sewn by hand, and accessories, like the pins the women wear near their necks, must be sterling silver and pinned in one particular place.”

vestido de escaramuza para bautizo
Vestido de Escaramuza para Bautizo – CLEARANCE